First discovered Andre on Castro St. with a crowd of guys oogling him. Everybody was

 intimidated by him & one wouldn't want to be slugged by this guy. But I had to "go for it":






You don't belong here

What do you mean? (looking around) Why?

Somebody who spends so much time working on his body

doesn't belong in front of a Whelan drug store chain sign

Where do I belong?

Thus began a series of excursions into bars of all types; upscale, down home, cross-gender. 

SteveG@ was the envy of all which lapsed into incredulity when they learned we were not a couple

& to make matters worse - that I was straight.  Returned to visit with Andre twice.  Andre

who was a sweetheart of a guy (with a "soft a personality" as he had a hard body) never ceased to delight in modeling

his whole wardrobe for my lady friends.