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Stilled Life

A not for profit  / a for charity  presentation   by SteveG

74 years of exploring older ethnic urban neighborhoods

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Images Passed By/Unseen

Scenes usually ignored: symmetries, contrasts,

ironies, juxtapositions, when isolated by the

camera,  become significant / composed

Images Past Bye/Nostalgia

Fading traditions, vanishing scenes soon to be

unseen, a former world lapsing into malls,

chains, box-stores, highways & tract housing

Billboards Billboards Mannequins Eyes Mannequins Motion Motion Motion Man & Women Man Music Women Sans Viewfinder Sans Viewfinder Women Exterior Exterior Walls2 Walls2 Buildings Buildings Buildings Children Garages India India International Religion Stores Religion Stores Streets Streets Yards Yards Yards International Garages

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